General Rules


    1. Sanctioned cubs with a trained official will have their scores validated by the official locally, no need for secondary video verification. All sessions must still be recorded live as random audits will be done. 
    2. Solo throwers are encouraged to buddy up, join a club or create a club, but can still participate by submitting live video footage of each session and will have a dedicated Online Official assigned to them. 
    3. Once a score is posted ALL members will have 1 week to contest a score if they find an error.
Live Streaming & Scoring


Sessions must be recorded LIVE via the U.K.A.T. Facebook Group. 
    • Click the “LIVE” icon
    • Click “Tap to add a description
    •  Write Throwers Name - Season number Week number - The Division (ie Jeremy Beintema S3W1 No Spin ) This will allow the officials to easily search the group for the top 3 sessions per week.
    • Hold your phone sideways to enter Landscape mode
    • Click the “Switch Camera” icon to change to the main camera
    • Click the blue camera button to start your live video.
    • Once complete click “Finish”
    • Check “Post your video to your profile” and “Upload in HD” and then “Share”. We also recommend you Save the video do your device as a backup. DO NOT DELETE! 
    1. Take a photo of your score card and post it as a comment under the live video post. Tip, you may need to exit the App and go back in before Facebook will allow you to post a comment.   
    2. A secondary recording device is required for back-up to prove continuity of a set if the main Live feed is interrupted. 
    3. This can be a second live feed, or recorded locally and uploaded to the comments of the original feed.
    4. The Secondary recording device can be stationary provided the full range is in view.
    5. In the event that a feed is interrupted the thrower must start a second live feed as soon as possible and show the time at the start of the recording. 
    6. If session continuity cannot be proven the total verifiable score will be given. 
    7. The thrower and the target must be visible at all times for each session. A Point of View camera (Head/Chest mounted) can also be used, and may be ideal depending on your range layout and viewing angles. 
    8. A printed U.K.A.T. scorecard OR UKAT App. may be used to record you scores and must be shared back to the Facebook group as a comment under your live video for Verification. If you choose to record your score on paper during your set it must be added to the App as soon as possible.
    9. All throws/sticks must be shown close up. If the score for a throw is questionable (close to or touching the line etc) the video must clearly show the edge/side that is touching the higher point ring. If it is not clear the lower point will be given at the Official’s discretion. 
    10. Foul line distances must be accurate, clearly marked and visible in video footage during each throw. 
    11. Failure to follow the above rules will result in the submitted score to be disqualified. 
    12. Scoring takes place at the end of each throw (3 throws from each distance/Single Throw for Double Bit & IceBreaker) and it is helpful to show the score card after each score is recorded.
    13. All Foot Faults (stepping past the foul line) will be scored a Zero. 
    14. If a knife or axe falls from the target prior to scoring it must be scored a Zero
    15. If the knife or axe is touched by the thrower prior to scoring it will be scored a Zero
    16. Knives must have the blade’s tip buried below the face of the target to score
    17. Axes must have a portion of the leading edge of the blade/bit buried below the face of the target to score
    18. Points are awarded to the highest ring that the knife/axe is touching where it cuts Surface of the target. Refer to Diagrams.   
    19. Knives/Axe must be thrown from left to right in order Target 1, 2, and 3. Knives/Axes that stick in the incorrect order will be scored a Zero.
    20. The center  4” Bullseye is worth 5 points, the 4”-8” ring is worth 4 points, the 8”-12” ring is worth 3 points, the 12”-16” ring is worth 2 points, and the outer 16”-20” ring is worth 1 point. Any sticks beyond the outer ring is worth Zero. Refer to Diagrams.

      Tips for fast & easy Verification:

      1. Introduce the thrower/yourself
      2. State the date and time
      3. State the Division/Rank you are throwing (Axe - Expert, etc)
      4. Ensure your camera is positioned to show your entire range
      5. Mark your camera position on the ground so if can be returned to the correct location quickly and easily 
      6. State the Set number & Distance at the start of throw (ie: “Set 2, 4m”)
      7. When scoring try to move quickly. Show obvious scores straight on and only spend time showing throws that are not obvious in more detail.
      8. Show your score sheet after each set
      9. Allow more than one thrower to go at the same time if possible
      10. Get help to record scores




      1. Target Layout must be one of 3 approved layouts (IKTHOF, “T” or “V”)
      2. Painted targets must be either IKTHOF or Euro Thrower/Blade Aces Standard. Refer to Drawings
      3. Targets may be one “wall” of endgrain blocks, 3 separate endgrain targets or 3 separate log rounds, or a plank wall. 
      4. Consideration will be taken to layout heights and spacing for existing ranges provided they are within general conformance to one of the 3 approved layouts, subject to Official Approval. 
      5. Throwers will need to maintain targets to ensure highly visible rings to allow easy and accurate scoring. A repaint Mid Season is recommended. 

      Accepted Implements: 



      1. Throwers must use 3 matching implements for any given Division they are registered for.
      2. Throwers must use the same implements for the entire session. 
      3. All implements must be approved by an Official prior to use. 
      4. It is recommended that Throwers use the same set of implements during a Season, but may use different implements for other divisions/sessions. If a thrower would like to change Implements Mid Season they must be verified by a league Official. 
      5. All Knives/Spikes must have a single point, and may have a single or double edge.
      6. Knives/Spikes must be between 9” and 16” long, 2.5” wide,and not less than 6oz (170g)
      7. Axes (tomahawks, hatchets, etc) must be single bit, have a blade length of 4.75” or less (measured tip to tip) and a handle no shorter than 12” (measured from the top of the head to the base of the handle along the centerline of the handle) . Axes may have spikes or hammer polls, but they do not score. Axes may have a thinned false edge top or bottom of the blade, but it must not be sharp (1/16” +/-). All construction styles (wood, composite, metal, hybrid) are allowed provided they are deemed safe by a league official.  

          Please note that your local venue may have their own size and weight restrictions due to insurance, etc and should be verified in advance of the start of each season.


      All Divisions are based on 3 Sets of 3 target/5 Distance, 45 throw/225 point system. This is a “walkback” format starting at 3m, back to 7m. The foul line distances are the minimum, and there is no maximum. Refer to Diagrams for lane configuration. Note: Youth league players may stand at the 2.5m line for Icebreaker.

      Rotational Knife

      Knives must make a minimum ½ rotation, but there is no designated rotation at each foul line, so "instinctive" half spin, "instinctive" full spin and Traditional Rotational techniques may be used. 

      No Spin Knife

      Knives/Spikes must be thrown with a technique resulting in less than ½ rotation. 


      In order to allow all axe styles to be used fairly there is no designated rotation at each foul line (yes, even No Spin is allowed!)