Double Bit Axe Rules

UKAT Double Bit Axe (Based on Berserkers Club rules Originally written by David Mitchell)

As Double Bit Axe throwing is a single distance, single Implement competition not all the rules conform to the general UKAT Rules. The following rules supersede the general rules unless otherwise noted.

  1. Refer to General Rules
  1. Refer to General Rules  
  2. The center 5cm (1.97 inches) Bullseye, is 5 points, concentric rings are 5cm and worth 4/3/2/1 points respectively . Any sticks beyond the outer ring is worth Zero. Refer to Diagrams.
  3. Scoring is based on 3 sets of 6=18 throws (90 point max.)



  1. A softwood log round 20-24” in diameter and 12-16” thick is recommended.
  2. Painted targets must meet the Double Bit target dimensions. Refer to Diagrams.
  3. The center of the bullseye is to be 5’-0” (1.5m) off the ground.

     4.The foul line is be 20’ (6.1m) from the target face.

  1. Throwers will need to maintain targets to ensure highly visible rings to allow easy and accurate scoring. A repaint Mid Season is recommended. 

  1. Each (Pre) Season the average of 2 Sessions will be used to determine new member’s rank.
  2. Novice 0-34, Intermediate 35-49, Advanced 50-64, Expert 65-74, Master 75-90
  3. Once your rank is determined you will only be competing against other throwers of your Rank. 
  4. A Thrower’s seasonal average score will determine their rank the following season. 
  5. A Top 3 Finalist’s Score will determine their rank the following season if it is above their average. 

Accepted Implements: (Refer to Diagrams)


  1. A double bit axe has 2 cutting edges (fore and back bit) 
  2. Bit/blade length of 6” or less (measured tip to tip) 
  3. Handle no shorter than 24” (measured from the top of the head to the base of the handle along the centerline of the handle)
  4. Weight min. 1134 g (2 1/2 lb) including handle
  5. Axes may have a thinned false edge top or bottom of the blade, but it must not be sharp (1/16” +/-).
  6. All construction styles (wood, composite, metal, hybrid) are allowed provided they are deemed safe by a league official.