League Info

United Knife and Axe Throwers 

Mission Statement : To unify the knife and axe throwing community with a focus on cooperation, promotion of precision throwing sports, friendly competition, mutual respect and Safety.

League premise: 

U.K.A.T. Is a world wide online league where solo and already established clubs/leagues can participate. The goal is to create a system that will allow throwers who can’t travel to National and International Competitions to compete and rank in a truly international venue. Each Season will be comprised 8 weeks of competition, with the top 6 sessions averaged at the end of the season to give the thrower’s Final Score. The top 3 Competitors in each Rank will throw off for top spot the following week. Only 6 sessions are required to be submitted allowing flexibility for attendance, weather, etc. 

Why U.K.A.T. and why now? The reason is simple. While organized Knife and Axe throwing has been around for a long time, and has been well supported by the likes of BATL, AIM GAMES, EuroThrowers, IKTHOF etc, the growth in the past few years has been exponential. With the rapidly evolving bladed sports environment gaining more and more popularity, members of our community are gathering to protect, respect and pass along a rich history. U.K.A.T. hopes that by putting together current aspects of organized throwing into one cohesive system it will promote fellowship, comradery, and community. We want to help nudge Knife and Axe throwing from an obscure backyard pastime to a mainstream legitimate sport that is accessible to all, regardless of location, space limitations or implement preference.

U.K.A.T. is an organization dedicated to the growth of organized throwing. League fees will go towards maintaining the website and social media, prizes and commissioning.

 U.K.A.T. will also provide qualified instructors to assist in staff training, set up and organization of sanctioned clubs and ranges if required.