Records and Standings

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Single Session High Scores: 

Rotational Record: Brett Dewhirst 207 points (Season 1 Qualifiers)
Axe Record: Wade Tucker Season 2 Week 7 199 points
No Spin Record: Dan Pegg Season 2 Week 3 162 points
Double Bit Record: Daniel Hedberg Season 2 Week 5 85 points
Trifecta Record: Jeremy Beintema 138 points
Duality Record: TBD


Seasonal High Scores (Average of 6 weeks):
Rotational Record: Marcus Pehart 176 points (Season 1)
Axe Record: Jeremy Beintema 189 points (Season 2)
No Spin Record: Jeremy Beintema 129 points (Season 1)
Double Bit Record: Daniel Hedberg 81 points (Season 2)


Season 2 Champions:

Expert Rotational:
1st Wade Tucker 168 
2nd Jeremy Beintema 164
3rd Fredrik Persson 153
Advanced Rotational:
1st Kevin Simpson 146
2nd Marcel Rossignol 129
3rd Amy Elliott 113
Intermediate Rotational:
1st Benjamin Thomas Edgington 158 (Ranked up to Advanced)
2nd Matt Thomsen 144 (Ranked up to Advanced)
3rd Mario Patry (Ranked up to Advanced)
Novice Rotational:
1st Justin William Kirk 123 (Ranked up to Advanced)
2nd Alan Loveland 112
3rd Jonathan Malerby 49

Advanced No Spin:
1st Jeremy Beintema 141
2nd Dan Pegg 128
3rd Daniel Lopez 120
Intermediate No Spin:
1st Reese Smith 120
2nd Peter Thor 110
3rd Luke Haynes 75
Novice No Spin:
1st Chris Davy 118 (Ranked up to Intermediate) 
2nd Matt Thomsen 87
3rd Mario Patry

Axe Expert:
1st Jeremy Beintema 189 
2nd Wade Tucker 163
3rd Travis Will 115
Axe Advanced:
1st Matt Thomsen 186 (Ranked up to Expert)
2nd Reese Smith 171 (Ranked up to Expert)
3rd Keith Commons 131
Axe Intermediate:
1st Joe Ritacco 183 (Ranked up to Expert) 
2nd Tobias Macera 164 (Ranked up to Expert)
3rd Chris Davy 150 (Ranked up to Advanced)

Double Bit Masters:
Daniel Hedberg
Double Bit Advanced/Expert:
1st Benjamin Thomas Edgington 67
2nd Tobias Macera 50
3rd Ragnar Olafson 48
Double Bit Novice/Intermediate
1st Jeremy Beintema 57 (Ranked up to Advanced) 
2nd Chris Davy 50 $50 Credit to Bullseye Blades
3rd Jonathan Malerby 28

1st William Brooks 136 points $150
2nd Chris Davy 128 points $100
3rd Reese Smith 123 points $50

Top Overall (Best 6 weeks)
1st Jeremy Beintema 3150 points
2nd Chris Davy 2607 points
3rd Reese Smith 2424 point


 Season 1 Champions:

Expert Rotational:
1st Marcus Pehart
2nd Wade Tucker 
3rd Fredrik Persson 
Advanced Rotational:
1st Jeremy Beintema
2nd Amy Elliott
3rd James Jw Wiseman
Intermediate Rotational:
1st Matt Thomsen
2nd Marcel Rossignol 
3rd Suzanne Commons 
Expert Axe:
1st Wade Tucker
2nd Jeremy Beintema 
3rd Marcus Pehart 
Axe Advanced:
1st Travis Will
2nd Matt Thomsen
3rd James Jw Wiseman
Axe Intermediate:
1st Mario Patry
2nd Ragnar Olafson
3rd Suzanne Commons 
No Spin Intermediate:
1st Jeremy Beintema
2nd Dan Pegg
3rd Daniel Lopez
No Spin Novice:
1st Matt Thomsen
2nd Mario Patry 
3rd Chris Desko


Trial Season Champions:

Pro Rotational:
1st Place Marcus Pehart 
2nd Place Wade Tucker
3rd Place Dan Pegg
Intermediate Rotational:
1st Place Jeremy Beintema
2nd Place Batisto Fly
3rd Place James Jw Wiseman
Novice Rotational:
1st Place Alvis Solis
2nd Place Xavier Malandain
3rd Place Ragnar Olafson
Pro Axe:
1st Place Marcus Pehart 
2nd Place Dan Pegg
3rd Place James Jw Wiseman
Intermediate Axe:
1st Place Travis Will 
2nd Place Jeremy Beintema
3rd Place Wade Tucker
Novice Axe:
1st Place Ragnar Olafson
2nd Alvis Solis
3rd Xavier Malandain
Intermediate No Spin:
1st Place Dan Pegg 
2nd Place Xavier Malandain
3rd Place Jeremy Beintema
Novice No Spin:
1st Peter Thor
2nd Matt Thomsen
3rd Batisto Fly