UKAT Season 3 Registration
UKAT Season 3 Registration

UKAT Season 3 Registration

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Season 3 starts Saturday Feb 1st and Registration is open! 

Please note: If you are a new player purchase your Lifetime Membership and perform your 2 qualifying sessions to establish prior to paying your season registration.   

Click Here for full rules.


  1. Qualifiers always open to all New Throwers to establish Rank. 2 Sessions (per Division) required to qualify and can be done any time prior to the next season start.
  2. Novice 0-89, Intermediate 90-124, Advanced 125-159, Expert 160-189, Master 190-225
  3. Once your rank is determined you will only be competing against other throwers of your Rank. 
  4. A Thrower’s seasonal average score will determine their rank the following season.

Select the Division (Axe/Rotational/No Spin) and the Rank you qualified for from the drop down menu. 


Weeks 1-8: League Play:

-All throwers must submit one Live Video session per week.

-Weekends will be open to both the previous week and following week to allow throwers to get ahead if they know they will have a busy week.

-Throwers are allowed to miss up to 2 weeks without affecting their average, as only the top 6 weeks are counted in the Thrower’s seasonal total.

-2 make-up sessions per division will be allowed during the season.

-Should the thrower miss more than the allowable 2 weeks each miss will count as a Zero against their average until a make up session is played.

-A player who misses 5 or more weeks will forfeit the season, and the average of weeks played will dictate future rank.

Week 9: FINALS! The top 3 throwers in each Division/rank will throw off for top spot. 

Note: In the event of a tied score during finals a tie-break match will be done Live, One set, best of 15 throws.


Qualifiers: FREE (with Registration)

Rank Novice - Division Per Season: $30

Rank Intermediate-Advanced - Division Per Season: $40

Rank Expert-Master - Division Per Season: $80


Novice 1st Place - Certificate  & $25 Credit to Bullseye Blades 

 Novice 2nd Place - Certificate

Novice 3rd Place - Certificate

Intermediate 1st Place - Certificate & $50 Credit to Bullseye Blades 

Intermediate 2nd Place - Certificate

Intermediate 3rd Place - Certificate

Advanced 1st Place - Certificate & $100

Advanced 2nd Place - Certificate

Advanced 3rd Place - Certificate

Expert 1st Place - Certificate & $200 

Expert 2nd Place - Certificate

Expert 3rd Place - Certificate

Master 1st Place - Certificate & $300 

Master 2nd Place - Certificate

Master 3rd Place - Certificate

*Subject to change based on participation & sponsorship (More members = more prizes!)