UKAT Season 3 YOUTH Icebreaker Registration (14 and younger)

UKAT Season 3 YOUTH Icebreaker Registration (14 and younger)

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Season 3 starts Saturday Feb 1st and Registration is open!

This is a separate League for our young slingers. 

Icebreaker is designed to allow new throwers and experienced throwers that are new to UKAT get used to throwing Live Online. It will also allow throwers with limited space or resources to get involved. All you need is one target, one knife or one axe, and 4-5m of clear space. Game play is 18 throws at a single target from the 3m Foul line, its that simple!

Click Here for full rules.


  1. Qualifiers always open to all New Throwers to establish Rank. 2 Sessions (per Division) required to qualify and can be done any time prior to the next season start.
  2. Novice 0-34, Intermediate 35-49, Advanced 50-64, Expert 65-74, Master 75-90
  3. Once your rank is determined you will only be competing against other throwers of your Rank. 
  4. A Thrower’s seasonal average score will determine their rank the following season.

Select the Division (Freestyle Knife or Axe) and the Rank you qualified for from the drop down menu. 


Weeks 1-8: League Play:

-All throwers must submit one Live Video session per week.

-Weekends will be open to both the previous week and following week to allow throwers to get ahead if they know they will have a busy week.

-Throwers are allowed to miss up to 2 weeks without affecting their average, as only the top 6 weeks are counted in the Thrower’s seasonal total.

-2 make-up sessions per division will be allowed during the season.

-Should the thrower miss more than the allowable 2 weeks each miss will count as a Zero against their average until a make up session is played.

-A player who misses 5 or more weeks will forfeit the season, and the average of weeks played will dictate future rank.

Week 9: FINALS! The top 3 throwers in each Division/rank will throw off for top spot. 

Note: In the event of a tied score during finals a tie-break match will be done Live, One set, best of 6 throws.


Qualifiers: FREE (with Registration)

Rank Novice to Master - Per Season: $1



Novice 1st Place - UKAT Novice T-Shirt & Certificate

 Novice 2nd Place - Certificate

Novice 3rd Place - Certificate

Intermediate 1st Place - UKAT Intermediate T Shirt & Certificate

Intermediate 2nd Place - Certificate

Intermediate 3rd Place - Certificate

Advanced 1st Place - UKAT Advanced T Shirt & Certificate

Advanced 2nd Place - Certificate

Advanced 3rd Place - Certificate

Expert 1st Place - UKAT Expert T Shirt & Certificate

Expert 2nd Place - Certificate

Expert 3rd Place - Certificate

Master 1st Place - UKAT Master T Shirt & Certificate

Master 2nd Place - Certificate

Master 3rd Place - Certificate